The Upside Rooftop Bar

Naming, Branding, Collateral

A jewel of a cocktail bar on Austin’s East 6th Street

Naming & Logo Design

First and foremost, this classy rooftop cocktail bar in the making needed a proper name. We proposed The Upside, which touched on both the benefits of enjoying cocktails in the company of friends as well as the rooftop nature of the bar. The client loved it, and it was then time to develop the logo. Our goal was to create a brand that was classic, timeless, and a little bit retro.

Can Design & General Branding

Zócalo’s charge was to develop a can design template that would stand out amongst the many local and non-local craft beers on the shelves. We recommended a simple, bold design—one that would apply across the board to their various styles of beer— to distinguish them from craft beers that tended to have elaborate and different designs for each style of beer, often de-emphasizing the brewery in favor of the beer’s name. Our objective was to consistently emphasize the Zilker brand itself, which we think has contributed to Zilker’s success, easy recognition in the market, brand loyalty, and merchandise sales.